Friday, 4 March 2011

How to read?

There has been some discussion in the blog-sphere about how many books one should buy. Some say one shouldn't buy more than one can read, and a way of doing this is not to buy a new book before you have finished an old one.

But for me, reading lots of essays and non-fiction, this strategy doesn't work at all. In most cases I read novels from the beginning to the end, but all other texts I tend to "jump around in", reading bits and pieces. This also goes for short stories and poetry.

And then we have the world of magazines...

Here's what the mailman brought me yesterday. I am afraid I will always buy a lot more than I can read - here and now - lets hope someone deserving benefits from it.

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aafke7 said...

Your readers will 'perhaps' have the benefit. That's a kind of comforting thought: the benefit of the positive doubt.