Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Touring Norway

Tungenes Fyr (lighthouse) is located on the northern edge of Jæren (my house at Ogna is situated at the southern edge of the same stretch).The lighthouse was established in 1828 and closed in 1984. The lightouse's master house is from 1938, his assistant's house from 1957-58. There is an annex, machinery shed and boathouse. Tungenes Lighthouse is protected and restored to its 1930s appearance. 

But my girl Maria doesn't seem to mind the wind at all?!?!

I really love landscapes like this, where the ocean - in this case the North Sea - meets land under a high sky


mimouna said...

Så fin blogg du har! Fant veien inn via Ravelry faktisk. Verden er ikke stor...

Sigrun said...

Takk! kanskje er verden både stor og liten på en og samme tid! ha en fin uke!