Sunday, 5 December 2010

time to tidy up!

 We had a great party for TK last night, so no surprise the house looked ... well; let me put it this way: very well used ... this morning. After tidying living-rooms and kitchen I continued into my study
The main problem in this room is lack of shelves. To give myself some more space I removed all the books I have review this year into a shelf in the hall
As you can see the desk isn't quite cleared yet. I feel like my head is clearing up as I sort out my books and notes - giving room (physical and mentally) for new thoughts
My reading-chair looks ready for new hours with me and my books
To get some peace and quiet I've put a warning sign on my door, it says: Hush! Work in progress. Visiting hour 12:00-13:00. Please do not disturb. The line in the middle says: new brewed coffee welcome at all hours (professor TK has become an excellent barista lately)

On a second note, just underneath my own, my son has written: April fool - hm... (seems like there might be a slight authority issue here???)

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