Saturday, 11 December 2010

silencing the world

"The writer studies literature, not the world. She lives in the world, she cannot miss it. She is careful of what she reads, for that is what she will write. She is careful of what she learns, because that is what she will know."
Annie Dillard

This morning I heard a very interesting interview on NRK P2 - (radio), a journalist talked to the author Hanne ├śrstavik about being disconnected from the media-world and www. As some of you already know, I am out on a quest for silence and solitude, and believe that these qualities are necessary for being abel to listen to oneself - which one must, if one really wants to write. In the interview ├śrstavik told us that she listen to P2 in the morning, and then read the newspaper Klassekampen when having her breakfast, these two were her only daily media intake; no facebook, no twitter, no surfing ...

Its a great challenge to silence the twaddle and empty words of the world, actually it is impossible for one who is not a hermit or a nun! But its is important to try minimize the external noises to make some space for oneself. What is the point of living if one cannot hear ones own voice? 

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