Tuesday, 28 December 2010

notes on Roland Barthes

The Preparation of the Novel
(Columbia, N.Y, 2011)
Session of December, 2, 1978

... for someone who writes, who has chosen to  write, that is to say, for someone who has experienced the jouissance, the joy of writing, there can be no other Vita Nova (or so it seems to me) than the discovery of a new writing practice.
(Preparation... p. 5)


Andrea said...

Hello, not about Barthes, but about the motto on top of your site: it reminds me of a sentence of Ror Wolf, which goes like this: "I did not forget the day I had invented. Suddenly I heard the door open I had invented, too." (Sorry, it's certainly a bad translation, and I hope I did not violate any copyright ...) Have a good day.

Sigrun said...