Wednesday, 29 September 2010

first frost

Vera gave me a great tips yesterday, and while waiting for Mr. Birkhead's The wisdom of birds to arrive I am studying the first frost.

This morning there was frost on the Dogwood bushes, I hadn't brought my camera so I have to borrow a picture from the net, but this is absolutely what it looked like First frost on dogwood

dogwood |ˈdôgˌwoŏd|


a shrub or small tree of north temperate regions that yields hard timber and is grown for its decorative foliage, red stems, and colorful berries.

ORIGIN so named because the wood was formerly used to make “dogs” (i.e., skewers).

1 comment:

aafke7 said...

:) Thank you!
If we listen to birds and see the 'sugar' edging this amazing red? we touch... eternity! :)

The orbekreftelse? is 'treesur' = isn't pointing towards ...treasure?