Friday, 30 July 2010


I made myself a new shawl. The pattern is made by Ysolda, she is a great knit-wear designer.

The yarn is called Malabrigo Sock, it's made in Uruguay and bought in the US. Further details on my shawl can be found here

Marcela in Argentina told me:
This yarn is really nice.
Malabrigo comes from Uruguay, our neighbour country, but they do not sell their yarns in Argentina and if you want to purchase them in Uruguay -we use to travel there for short holidays-, you have to make an appointment with the owners, as they do not have shops in their country.
It´s strange but real. I think that it´s a matter of taxes, that´s why they only sell their yarns in EEUU and Europe.
I think I would have to travel to Europe or de States again if i Wanted to purchase Malabrigo yarn!!!!

The color of the yarn is called Turner, it's actually quite easy to se why:

J.M.W. Turner “Snowstorm: Steamboat Off a Harbour’s Mouth”, first exhibited in 1842

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aafke7 said...

Isn't Turner our hero?
And that stone?
Lesson 1: 'blauwe hemel'! (blue sky!)