Tuesday, 20 January 2009

dagens gaver

Jeg befinner meg fremdeles i Miranda Julys verden, den er merkelig vakker, melankolsk og vittig på en og samme tid. Jeg inntar hennes noveller i små porsjoner før jeg går til sengs. I dag lå Fletcher og Julys bok "Learning to love you more" i postkassen. Den er full av oppgaver til leseren:

Assignment #63Make an encouraging banner
Think of something encouraging you often tell yourself.
For example: Everything will be ok. Or: Don't listen to them. Or: It'll blow over. Now make a banner, making sure to follow these instructions:
1. Draw each letter of the sentence on a large piece of colored construction paper or big squares of fabric. One letter per piece. Draw them blocky so you can cut them out.
2. Cut them out.
3. Glue each one onto a piece of construction paper or fabric that is a contrasting color.
4. Then glue the edges of all the pieces of paper or fabric together to make a banner.
5. Hang the banner in a place where you or someone else might need some encouragement, for example, across your bathroom. Or between two trees so that you and your neighbors can receive encouragement from it. Or in a gas station.
Assignment #49Draw a picture of your friend's friend
Think of someone who your friend has referred to over the years, but who you have never met or seen a picture of. Perhaps it is their relative or therapist or teacher or friend from out of town. Make sure your friend has a photograph of this person but don't look at the photograph before you make your drawing, you will only need the photograph later. Based on a description from your friend you should have an image of this person in your mind. Using a red colored pencil or pen, draw the person in as much detail as you can, from at least the waist up. Do not do this assignment unless you are in the mood to do a detailed drawing. If you need a drawing guide, refer to photos of people who you think this person might look like. After you have finished show the drawing to your friend and ask to see the photograph of the actual person
du finner enda mye mer her...

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